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With the Westek wifiSmart App, you can control your home from anywhere using your mobile devices.


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Westek wifiSmart is a smart way to simplify your life. Download the Westek app and control your lights, appliances, or an entire room, from wherever you are. Designed to provide convenience while saving you time and money. Once your devices are connected, you can control your lights and appliances to match your lifestyle. 

If you're just getting started, check out our Quickstart Guide.

For more detail on how to use your app feature here is our Westek wifiSmart App guide.

For added convenience, connect your Westek wifiSmart products to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home and you can control your lights, your appliances, or a whole room with simple voice commands.
Customize your on/off times from anywhere with this mobile app. Set the time and select the day (or group of days) for each program and save – it’s that easy! Countdown and Repeat options included as well to meet additional programming needs.
A random option can be selected to automatically shift your start and stop times, providing a more natural pattern, increasing home security by establishing what looks like home occupancy
Did the battery die on your mobile device? Forget your cell phone? No problem! Once your devices are connected, you can share selected devices with family and friends so they can help you control the lights and appliances for you when you are in a pinch!
Turn lights and appliances on and off based on the status of other connected devices or based on real-world events such as the sunrise or sunset.